mintt is a course for EPFL PhD students organized by the EPFL Tech Transfer Office

It is part of the EPFL Doctoral School under EDOC - General and external courses.


In a nutshell, mintt's purpose is to provide EPFL PhD students with an accelerated training in Invention management, assessment of the potential, intellectual property rights elaboration, license negotiation, start-up option evaluation and experience sharing in the fields of academic results industrialization and sales.


mintt is based on real-world EPFL invention cases and is taught by experienced and active professionals in the field of technology transfer working at the Technology Transfer Office of EPFL (TTO) and invited speakers who are involved concretely in developing innovation arising out of academia. Learn more about the modules of this course.


The course starts at the end of April with two full days of teaching involving a dozen teachers. It is then followed by 4 half-day mandatory and 1 half-day optional thematic workshops during the week following the initial teaching. Finally, a personal work is to be conducted in a group of 2 to 3 students in the form of an EPFL invention/technology/start-up case study to be presented in a report and discussed with the rest of the class in early July.